Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Winners of Shine To Go shoe polishers!

Congratulations to the winners of a year's supply of Shine To Go shoe polishers at Just a mom's take on things...:

  1. diana lindeman (no blog) who said, "Shined shoes are such a mark of class and I am afraid I forget to keep my shoes and the heels in topnotch condition. The shiny shoes for a year would allow me to only worry about the worn heels."

  2. Angela J (no blog) who said, "Nice idea, I love the quick and easy solutions"

  3. Gina Stratos (no blog) who said, "Okay, I admit it… I am OBSESSED with shining my shoes. I think it all started when I was working downtown. One afternoon, I stopped at a corner where this young boy was shining shoes. I was wearing leather boots and thought, what the heck. From that day on, I was hooked. It makes your shoes look terrific and helps extend their life. I would love this!!"

  4. Lynn Harasym (no blog) who said, "Having my family and my shoes shiny makes me feel good. It really makes the shoes look GREAT!"

  5. loki (no blog) who said, "My husband uses dress shoes daily and having shined shoes and a professional image is necessary for his job. I need it to a lesser degree tho this would have been great in the military for touch ups, I sucked at shining shoes!"

Please contact me at deb(at)momstakeonthings(dot)com and I'll have them sent out to all of you.

Thanks to all who entered!