Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Full House Back-to-School Picks & Giveaways - Day 3: WE HAVE A WINNER!

It's time to giveaway some more cool stuff - for Day 3 of our Back-to-School Event we have 2 very cool notebooks (a 1-subject notebook with 2 pockets and divider, along with a composition notebook) for one reader to try, courtesy of Street Science, along with a $20.00 gift certificate from, courtesy of This Full House!

Because, we roll like that!

[drum roll]

Aaaand, the winner is Michele (no blog) saying:

"Thanks for the fun!"

You're very welcome, Michele - gosh, but I love giving stuff away - CONGRATULATIONS!  Look for a copy of this announcement in your email, today.  Just, let me know where to send your prize and I will get it out to you, ASAP!

Liz Thompson, Keeper
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