Saturday, September 27, 2008

winner of Havin' a Ball contest

We had a good turnout and want to thank everyone, but only one winner could be selected for the boon snack ball contest. Yasmine is the lucky entry and she said: "3 items?? hmm the high chair and the potty bench and the another highchair(i have twins-so id need 2lol)! Okay thats going overboard...
I think the three items you pick should be under the same theme, liek bath time ... id love to see the LadyBug Pod ( i want one so bad) The Flo dispenser and bath goods! Or Feeding time: A groovy plate, A fluid Cup,and the ModWare
Either way i am excited for the giveaway! I still have to track down a store that sells the ladybug pod and the snack balls and the fluid cups- those are just a few items i am dying to have. They are so modern and fresh looking from the styles to the simple colors they use!"
thanks so much!