Monday, November 3, 2008

This Full House Giveaway #28: Baby Blues, X-treme Parenting and Interview with Creators, Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott - WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

Recently, I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing the awesome creators of Baby Blues, Jerry Scott (he writes the strip) and Rick Kirkman (the gifted artists that animates the ideas) and they have generously offered to send 10 of our readers a copy of their latest anthology, "X-Treme Parenting - A Baby Blues Treasury by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott" and I, for one, would love to find it under my artificial-but-looks-totally-real-tree, this Christmas!

[drum roll]

Aaaand, the winners of this most awesome giveaway [picked via] are:

1.  bunny [] saying, "Cool! This is so much fun!"

2.  Busy Mom (] saying, "Me! Me! Baby Blues is my favorite because our kids are spaced kind of like theirs."

3.  Peter [no blog] saying, "Awesome! Baby Blues is definitely one of the best comics out there if you have kids. One of the main reasons to flip through the funny papers each day. Even better, like certain other comics, there will never be a shortage of good material. You don't even have to make stuff up to put it in there.  Thank you for the opportunity to win."

4.  Rebecca C [] saying, "This looks so cute, I would love to win this!"

5.  Nicole Pelton [] saying, "I love that strip.  It so reminds me of my friend and her four little kids, but she has no time to actually read the comics, of course."

6.  Audrey [no blog] saying, "I can always use a good laugh when it comes to parenting!!"

7.  sandy [no blog] saying, "I love the strip too, my husband does not  get it or maybe he will not admit it"

8.  JayMonster [] saying, "I love Baby Blues.  I think it is "one of those" things that everybody that reads it can find something that makes them say "that's us"

9.  Caryn B [] saying, "Sounds really fun!"

10.  Marcy [] saying, "Too cool! I love this comic!"

PHEW!  Congratulations, you guys - gosh, but I love giving stuff away - a copy of this announcement has been sent to you, via email.  Please, let me know where you would like your prize to ship and I'll make sure it gets out to you, courtesy of my new best friends at!

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