Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Full House Giveaway #14 - Ethel Gardening Gloves

I come from a long line of gardeners - my father was a landscaper, my grandfather and both my great-grandfathers were master gardeners to noble families in Europe - and I often tell my children that gardening is in their blood.

"Ewww, get it out!"

My 9-year-old son has this habit of taking things literally, lately.

In celebration of National Harvest Month and National Organic Harvest Month (celebrated in August and September, respectively) we're sending along a pair of Ethel's Signature Gloves (size Medium) to one lucky reader.  (Retail Value:  $18.00)

[drum roll]

Aaand the winner of This Full House Giveaway #14, picked by random draw, is Betsy (no blog) saying:

"I love these gloves."

They ARE absolutely gorgeous and I'm sending them out to you, Besty, right away - CONGRATULATIONS!  Thank you (EVERYONE) for participating in the fun - gosh, but I love sending people stuff - and my sincerest thanks to Ethel Gloves for sponsoring this giveaway!

[Yet, another reason to love them - the makers of Ethel Gloves are offering our readers a special 10% discount, effective through August 17, 2008, using the code:  "FULLHOUSE"]

Liz - Keeper of This Full House and This Full House Reviews